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Quality and Rules

The italian university is subject to a series of evaluation procedures and quality checks. The key player of this process is the Quality Assurance Committee, formed by professors and students of the course. You can contact them for further information.

Quality Assurance Committee members:

Each year students evaluate the courses. Here you can find the results (this will work only from 2018).

Statistics on emplyoment of graduates from the DSSC program can be found in Almalaurea, of course not before we will have graduated students. But now in Almalaurea you can check the occupational statistics of graduated students from programs of the same class (LM 44 - mathematical and physical modelling in engineering), or of other Data Science programs (though they are new all over Italy).

Finally, if you are interested in the rules of the course, and in other formal documents, here they are:

Rules and formal documents of previous years can be accessed here