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Final Exam

Information about the dates of the graduations sessions can be found here

The bureaucratic procedure to apply for the final examination (deadlines and tasks to accomplish) is available from the university wesite, at this page. Please read the instructions and follow the carefully. 

The final exam will consist in a thesis elaborated in an original way under the guidance of a supervisor. Student will work on a problem proposed by a research laboratory or a company. The student will have to analyze the problem and understand what are the most effective tools to solve it. Students will be required to present the results of the analysis in a clear and understandable way.

The final exam consist in a discussion of the elaborate in front of a Commission.

The thesis should be written and discussed in English.

The final vote will be based on the evaluation of the curriculum, the content of thesis, the discussion and on the other formative activities conducted during the courses.

See the course rules for further details.