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During the second year of studies, there is the opportunity of doing an internship in a research institution or in a company. What follows is a guide to set up your internship. 


STEP 1: Find the lab/company/institution

You can do an intership in a research lab or in a company or another institution.

If you choose a research lab (that has to be in one among University of Trieste, ICTP, or SISSA), you just need to find a tutor (usually the head of the lab or a DSSC faculty).

If you choose a company or other insitution (that is, not University of Trieste, ICTP, SISSA), there has to be an agreement betweeen the company/institution and the University of Trieste. Don't worry, making an agreement if there is none is easy. 

  • First, find a company/institution and check in this list if there is already an agreement with it. If not, the company and the University of Trieste have to sign a new agreement. Please ask the responsible for the internships or directly the university office (reference: Luciana Zanutta, Settore Servizi agli studenti e alla didattica) for further steps: a few forms (Agreement, or Agreement with digital signature, and Internship topics table) will be filled and provided in two signed copies by the company. Please handle the signed agreement one month before the start of the internship.
  • Second, find an internal tutor. This can be any professor of the DSSC faculty. If you do not know who to ask, then the program coordinator or the responsible for internships are a good bet.

STEP 2: prepare the training project with the company and the tutor.

If you chose a research lab, ask him to notify the beginning of the internship to the DSSC responsible for internships: an email stating who is the intern, who is the tutor, and which is the title of the internship is ok.

Otherwise, if you chose a company/institution, the next step is to prepare the training project, which has to be agreed between you, the company tutor, and the faculty tutor. The project has to be prepared according to this form, and signed by the student, the company tutor, the faculty tutor, and the DSSC program coordinator or the internship responsible. You need three copies in orginal of the training project, all signed (one for you, one for the company, one for us). This document has to be handled in orginal to the responsible for internships one week before the star of the internship.

STEP 3: do the internship.

FINAL STEP: provide final documents.

Once you completed the internship,  you need to provide the following documents:

If you chose a research lab, ask the tutor to notify the end of the internship to the DSSC responsible for internships: an email is ok.

Otherwise, if you chose a company/institution, you need to provide the following documents to the responsible for internships:

  • Certification of completion, to the responsible for interships. This is needed to formally register the ECTF of type F (internship and seminars) in your curriculum.
  • One copy of the evaluation questionnaire filled by the hosting company, to the responsible for interships.

In both cases, also provide to the responsible for internships a filled and signed copy of the summary form, where you describe all your completed activities of type F (notice, you need to complete activities for 12 ECTF before these credits can be registered).