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The Master in DSSC aims to prepare professionals ready to face the challenges of the modern digital society: experts in the analysis and management of data, in particular Big Data, and in computational modeling with application in engineering and scientific fields.

The graduated student will reach the formative objectives of the DSSC, that are:

  • dealing with complex problems in a multidisciplinary field, by building mathematical and/or statistical models and analyzing by suitable computational techniques;
  • evaluating which computational techniques and technological tools must be used to solve problems in the most efficient way;
  • communicating and interacting with experts of other disciplines, understanding the main problems in these areas and the specific language.

In the end, students will not only acquire theoretical knowledge, but will also learn how to apply theory in the solution of practical problems, through individual exercises, group projects, seminars and internships.

Students will also develop good communication skills to interact with other professionals, to communicate results, to update their professional abilities and to suggest innovative solutions.