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There are scholarships available to fully or partially support the study of some students:

Here you will find the list with some information on how to apply and the related links.

Scholarship "Training the Specialists of the Future"

The master program in Data Science and Scientific Computing will provide some enrolled students with scholarships of 2800 euros to cover the enrollment fee and for partial support. 

The scholarships "Training the Specialists of the Future" are funded by private companies and institutions (see the list of sponsors here) to support talented students enrolling in the master program. In the academic year 2017-2018, there were 15 funded scholarships. For the academic year 2018-2019, information on the number of  available scholarships will be available soon. 

How much?

The grant amounts to 2800 euros (2562 after tax).

Who can apply?

Students regularly enrolled in the first year of the DSSC master program. 

When to apply?

The call is expected to come out in October 2018. The selection will be in November 2018. Sponsors will introduce themselves before the selection. 

How will the selection work?

The selection will consist of an interview of students interested in a sponsor, held by the sponsor itself. Each sponsor will provide a rank of students, while students will rank sponsors. A selection committee will build an optimal match out of these ranks.

What will happen next?

Each scholarship is connected with a sponsoring company or institution, which will assign a tutor to the selected student and will offer an internship during the second year. This can lead to a master thesis in co-supervision with the sponsor and to a possible job offer.

What are the constraints?

Scholarships are linked to a specific curriculum, i.e. either Data Science or Computational Science and Engineering. Students that get a scholarship connected with a curriculum, are required to choose such a curriculum in their study plan in order to receive the grant. 

Are you a company interested in funding one of more scholarships? Please contact the coordinator of the course by email, writing at More information is available in the following document (in italiano).

Scholarships from SISSA

SISSA, one of the founding partners, is sponsoring 4 scholarships covering full support (approximatively 6000 euros per year plus 250 euros per month of refund for the rent). Application deadline is August 31, 2021. Check the call and how to apply at this link!

Scholarships for the University College "Luciano Fonda"

The Department of Mathematics and Geosciences, under the excellence scheme from the italian government is funding one scholarship for DSSC within the University College "Luciano Fonda". Scholarships amount to 6000 euros per year, and grant access to the facilities of the college (a room and participation to additional activites - this will leave approximatively 2500 euros per year for further expenses), see the College webpage for details.  Applications are open, deadline is 2021 is July 18, 2021. Click here to access the application page.

Regional Scholarships from ARDISS

Fellowships sponsored by the regional governemnt is available through ARDISS, the regional agency to support university studies. The local goverment of Friuli Venezia Giulia typically manages to fund all eligible applicants. More information on the fellowships and how to apply is available in the ARDISS web page

Other Scholarships

If you are an international student, you can check the scholarships "Study in Italy"  from the ministry of foreign affairs of Italy. Check this website for further details.