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How to Apply Walkthrough

Feeling a bit uneasy about the online application system of the university? Not sure where you have to click to apply and what are the steps? This page contains a quick walkthrough to help you. Don't worry, the process is simple and (almost) painless!

Roughly, there are three steps:

  1. Register to the online system (esse3)
  2. Login and apply
  3. Send the required documentation via email, by the deadline.

So, let's see what to do step by step!


Register to the online system

First, go to the online registration system page:

  1. Click on the english flag on the top right to switch to english.
  2. Click register in the menu on the left.
  3. Click the web registration button below the table.
  4. Enter your personal details. There are several forms to fill, you need to provide all *marked data, but try to put all other data too. 
  5. When you confirm, you will get a username and password. Note it down, and click on the login button.

Login and apply

  1. Login with username and password you gor from your registration.
  2. Click on the "Competitive Admission Exam" on the menu on the left, in the first section. 
  3. Click on the "Registration Competitive Admission Exam" button at the end of the table.
  4. Choose "Laurea Magistrale" and click next.
  5. Choose "Master Degree Programme" and click next.
  6. Choose "Data Science and Scientific Computing" and click next.
  7. Click on "confirm and proceed".
  8. In the administrative category, choose if you are an EU or non-EU citizen. Click next.
  9. Click "Complete admission to competitive exam".

Congratulations! You have applied to the online system!

Still puzzled by some step or not bothering to read that long list of instructions? You can watch the video tutorial


Send the required documentation via email

Hey, it's not over yet! We still need documentation to evaluate your application. This has to be sent by email to and

This has to be done by 12.00 CET of the application deadline.

According to the call for application, you have to send:

  1. self-certification of the degree and exams taken, or, in the case of students who have not yet graduated, self-certification of enrolment and study plan, complete with exams taken and to be taken. If you have not graduated in Italy, we need an official and legalized documentation. Check the call for details. 
  2. brief description of teaching programs. This you can self-certify yourself. We need to know what you learned. 
  3. curriculum vitae;
  4. other qualifications deemed useful for purposes of the evaluation (courses taken, relevant professional experience, etc.);
  5. English language certification (level B2 or equivalent), if available;
  6. copy of a valid identity document. 

If you have any further enquiry on the documents, please email us ( or the student admission office (